10 år/év/years
14Aug 10 år! 10 év! 10 years! 10 år/év/years

Under 2003 släpptes marknaden fri för privatpersoner som ville köpa sitt egna .se-domän. Jag minns att intresset var stort från min sida men tvekade en längre tid innan jag tog chansen.

14 augusti 2003 var dagen då jag registrerade och efter 10 år är den fortfarande i min ägo. 10 år/év/years

 Ma 10 éve hogy megvettem a domain-t. 10 år/év/years

During the year 2003 the market was set free for individuals to buy their own .se-domain. My interest was big to get my own domain and hesitated for a while, but finally i did it.

August 14th 2003 was the day I registered the domain and after 10 years it is still in my posession.


Géza Ribberström Palyi
Born and living in Gothenburg Sweden. Graduated IT-engineer and studying now to become an UX-designer. Runs his own company in IT-support and photographing weddings and portraits.